Estate Planning & Asset Protection

You worked hard to accumulate wealth and protecting that wealth is your right and our mission. Your wealth gives rise to planning issues. Specific personal circumstances such as family members with special needs, second marriages, charitable intentions, tax concerns, family business and succession planning and long term care issues require careful analysis require careful analysis.

The goal of our wills, trusts and asset protection practice is to provide a comprehensive and precise estate plan

tailored to each client’s particular needs and desires. Quality estate planning dictates that we arrange the client’s assets, both before and after death, in a way that maximizes specific family objectives by considering various contingencies and minimizes taxes. The range of options and the variety of possible assets, combined with different personal objectives and the intricacies of fiduciary and tax laws, require careful planning to maximize the benefit from this complex and highly individualized process.

Your tailor-made estate plan requires knowledge, insight, creativity and understanding. Our attorneys possess the skills to develop and implement a personalized plan that meets your specific needs and requirements.

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Business/  Commercial

We focus on each of our business clients based on their individual needs. Our services assist with all aspects of a business from the formation of a business entity including operating documents and personnel manuals to annual meetings and corporate compliance.


Estate Planning & Asset Protection

You worked hard to accumulate your assets and protecting those assets is your right and our mission. When your wealth gives rise to planning issues, we are there.


Real Estate

We can accommodate all your local and statewide real estate legal needs including issues related to financing and zoning and other governmental real estate issues. Our experienced staff has an extensive background and can make sure your needs are met.


Litigation / Arbitration

We effectively represent our client through both the courtroom litigation and arbitration process. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience to arrive at the best possible outcome. Our goal is to favorably resolve your issues without having to litigate but, when necessary, we have the right attorneys to successfully litigate your legal issues.


Family Law

Family law involves matters which can have a profound effect on both a client’s personal and business lives. We have experienced attorneys to resolve these sensitive matters and will strive to meet all your family’s needs to achieve a prompt and beneficial solution. We provide representation in all areas of family law.


Elder Issues

As we age, our priorities in life change. Long term care planning, family, quality care, money management, asset protection and utilization of available government assistance programs are all important considerations.

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